Whiz Freedom

How to use it

The broad area of the opening (nicknamed the "Lily") must be uppermost. It will not work otherwise. Some women think that the broader section should go to the bottom to avoid leakage but trust us - it does not work in that position. Part of that thought stems from a historical concern that no previous device has ever worked properly and been leak free - until the Whiz!

This unique shape was design tested in clinical trials in 2003/4 with over 1,400 women who used it and some 1,000 women at open air festivals in the most trying of conditions. Since 2004 tens of thousands of women have used it worldwide. It works and is leak free.


Some tips to aid use:

  • Ensure that the Whiz is held snugly against the body (it's not designed to enter the body). It will not leak, over-fill or splash back.
  • Try your Whiz in in the shower and you will see how easy it is to use - sitting standing hovering or crouching - whichever is most comfortable until you're confident enough to use it away from home.
  • To avoid disrobing completely try pulling your panties to one side (unless you are wearing boxer shorts) and then using the Whiz.
  • Aim the Whiz downwards and never use it facing the wind!

Download the Instructions for use.

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