Introducing the Whiz® Freedom and the Whiz® Midstream

The Whiz® freedom – the world’s first and original urine director, makes female life easier when nature calls. Perfect for leisure, travel and medical use.

The Whiz® Midstream – perfect for medical use. Acknowledged as the world’s best midstream urine sample collector.

Anti Bacterial

The Whiz is manufactured using a high grade medically approved plastic.

Clean and Safe

An agent has been added and the one used is an inorganic silver-based master batch offering both antibacterial, anti-microbial and antifungal protection.


The Whiz Freedom remains dry immediately after use, all liquid rolls off ie is repelled off it.

Stay Dry!

Made with our medical grade material and antibacterial agent it will repell all liquid.

NHS Available

The Whiz Freedom and Whiz Midstream are now available on prescription through the NHS.

On Prescription

Simply see your doctor or nurse to obtain a prescription, then order with us.

High Quality

Leak free and made from medical grade thermo plastic elastomer.


Lily shape clinically tested by over 1400 women, now used by tens of thousands of women around the world.