We think our product is great, so do our customers, read what people think of the Whiz Freedom and Whiz Midstream. All customer feedback is unsolicited.

Whiz Freedom

“Say goodbye to getting your gear off to pee in the middle of the night when camping! Just undo your zipper and slip on the “whizzer” as I call it. I am about to buy a truckload for all of my girlfriends because I believe it is the best product ever. No drips, no leaks. You don’t even have to hold it on tightly. Just place the perfectly moulded cup in position and let it flow. Shake it off and walk away. No mess, no fuss. Pure freedom. Stand up and pee like a man I say!”

Edwina R, Devoted Whizzee

“Wow, wow, wow – what a product! I’ve been waiting for this all my life. Finally an invention that advances feminine hygiene at a stroke.”

Shelley G, Birmingham

“No more waiting, squatting, holding-on or hiding! With the Whiz at my side I’m confidently prepared for any emergency.”

KP, Oxford

“It’s absolutely brilliant. I am a keen angler and having to wee beside a lake or river has always been a problem in the past. Disgusting public toilets are no longer a problem either. My mum and nan both want a Whiz now too and I would like one for my three year old daughter.”

Sarah B. Chelmsford

“With a connecting tube I am able to use the Whiz in the wheelchair and also in the car. It is very quick and empties cleanly into a bottle with no mess. I am very pleased to have solved the problem of how to go to the loo when toilets are inaccessible or locked up. Thank you very much.”

Rosemary L, London

“Yes – I was a frequent user of the Whiz during my expedition to the North Pole! I really don’t know what I would have done with out it. Sometimes the weather conditions can be really pretty fierce which stops you from going outside to pee. I know a lot of the girls were peeing in the porches of their tents but I preferred to use my Whiz and a Nalgee bottle. I would pee both whilst just being in the tent with my team and I even used to pee in my sleeping bag. Infact, I found the Whiz so easy to use I was able to pee in my sleeping bag without undoing the zips at all! Very usefl when its minus 40 outside.”

Zuzanna R, North Pole

“This product has made such a difference to my life, I cannot tell you. I have got my confidence back. I am not permanently looking for aloo and it makes me feel good. Wow is what I say Fantastic!”

Jay T, Birmingham

“With a bad back and loos that are too low the Whiz is an answer to my prayers.”

Mary F. Oxford

At my age, I often find myself in difficult circumstances but with the Whiz I have been saved from many embarassing situations, especially when I am out and about. It has been a real life saver.”

Pat P, Devon

“After 2 new hips and 2 new knees following chronic arthritis … I can go away for the day, tuck it in my bag and won’t be stuck for a toilet.”

Jean L, Dundee

“Many thanks – this will probably be the best Crimbo presi ever. I am a wheelchair user and a micro-light pilot. Oh those small airfield loos are horrible and the plying suit – one piece, plus layers of Damart. Ahhhhhh! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Dawn H, Bradford

“Life Saver – my boyfriend was dead right.”

Scottish Couple, IOW Festival 2006

“Thankyou very much – when I went back to the campsite it was a dream life saver – no wandering through tents.”

Sally, IOW festival 2006

Whiz Midstream

“Use of the device represents best medical practice and the significant benefits resulting there from, cannot be ignored.”

Senior Consultant Microbiology

“The Whiz Midstream is highly attractive to clinician and patient alike; it significantly lowered contamination rates and hence the need to repeat urinalysis. My patients were pleased to use this simple and hygienic device.”

Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

“My patients benefited from using the Whiz, it was easier to use than our current methods and for the staff it was an effective way of saving time.”

Outpatients Manager, Woman's Centre

“As a physiotherapy physican I have found that many women cannot use their pelvic floor muscles and would therefore be unable to do an efficient mid-stream sample of urine, this new device will be greeted with great glee by them – no more wet hands, no more wadding through puddles. Have I tried it? I most certainly have and as a person who is known to have frustrations with a a great many devices I found it a cinch – isnt it great to have good news to share?”

ACA Continence Advisor