Can the Midstream by used by the Mobility Impaired?2017-02-04T16:32:24+00:00

Yes. It is ideal in fact for anyone who has any impairment issue as it can be held with one hand and used in a sitting, hovering or standing position.

Can the Midstream be used by men or children or babies2017-02-04T16:31:48+00:00

The Midstream is designed to be used by men and women of all ages. Due to the difference in anatomy there are different set of instructions for use men or women. Each person can decide which set suits them best. Mobility impaired women or men who have had penile amputation or retraction will know what the best method is for them.

With children who are aware when they are going to wee the Midstream is perfectly safe. Parents have safely used the Midstream with babies and holding the device in place all the time or ready the moment there is a wee. It is essential that the parent is satisfied prior to use that the baby is comfortable with the fit. We are looking into making a baby version that can be held in a nappy. If you are interested to participate in a trial of this or contribute your comments do let us know.

Both sets of instructions for use are downloadable; go to media and downloads; there are also other interesting and relevant items that can be downloadable giving you more information on the product.

How does the Midstream differ from earlier models?2017-02-04T16:31:01+00:00

There are no earlier models of the Midstream although we have been approached to develop a model that can take the 30 ml and the 10 ml sample bottles/containers. We were asked that as some of the new machines for urine analysis only use a 10 ml bottle, there is spillage and contamination and a difficulty of giving the sample. Furthermore the medical preference is always to have the sample that is tested, tested from the sterile sample bottle in which it was given (called primary collection bottle) and not a test on a sample that has been transferred, which runs the risk not only of increased contamination but also. the risk of patient mix-up of samples.

Can the Midstream be used for home testing or as a self test device?2017-02-04T16:28:53+00:00

Yes it is ideal for use as a home test as it delivers the best possible quality sample without the need for the intervention of a health care professional. It can be used in conjunction with any home test self test device such as pregnancy to obtain the most uncontaminated sample. We sell Whiz Midstreams for the home self test in packs of 1 and 10 and they are sold without boric acid only. The reason is that boric acid is a preservative for use when the sample will take some time to get to the laboratory; clearly not the case for the home environment.

What can the Midstream do for me ?2017-02-04T16:27:50+00:00

The Midstream can give you the opportunity to have the best possible medical care since the determination of the treatment for you is dependent on the pathology laboratory analysis. For the Health Care professional, it not only minimizes the risk of exposure to the urine sample, but also gives them the possibility to exercise their expertise to the best of their ability; and not find that they are taking a stab in the dark as they have no pathology report to go on.
It is also the best and safest way to do tests in the Home environment without the intervention of a healthcare professional protecting not only you but your immediate family.

It can even when a sample is required by the GP be used in the GP surgery; consult your GP for timing of the sample and if you can drop it off without an appointment.

What is Contamination of a urine sample?2017-02-04T16:27:04+00:00

A contaminated urine sample is where the urine sample cannot be analysed due to it being mixed or contaminated with bacteria other than from the bladder (e.g. from the urethra, unsterile sample containers etc). Contamination is not the same but can lead to what is called a false positive or a false negative sample. The reason for this is that if the sample is contaminated the doctor cannot tell what is wrong and will make a judgement call believing that there is an infection (i.e. a positive) and prescribe medication or treatment when in fact there is no infection hence a false positive diagnosis. A false negative is when the doctor decides not to treat when in fact there was an infection and should have been treated. If it’s a false negative it could have very serious if not fatal consequences without treatment for example amongst ante-natal patients.

Is urine a hazardous substance?2017-02-04T16:26:18+00:00

Yes, under COSHH regulations it is so classified as it can contain dangerous pathogens such as HIV. But in itself urine is actually sterile in the body and on leaving the body. It only becomes non sterile on contact with outside pathogens.

When and where can the Midstream be used?2017-02-04T16:25:04+00:00

The Midstream can be used in any situation where a urine sample needs to be given. It can be used in any environment i.e. hospitals, homes, GP’s offices, law enforcement, or public corporate testing etc.

Is the Midstream easy to use?2017-02-04T16:25:40+00:00

The Midstream is very easy to use. We have tested the device on children, students, pregnant mothers to be, and men and women including 80 year olds and they were all complimentary. It has been trialled in 2003-4 in 4 NHS hospitals and used by tens of thousands since. The results were published in the British Journal of Urology August 2005, (Jackson et al, 2005) and showed significant clinical benefits. Further large scale clinical trials again in four different NHS hospitals and GP practices showed even better results due to familiarity with the new process. The Midstream is not a funnel but a hygienic shield and a diverter and these were published as Dryden et al 2007 (both available from downloads under media).

Aside from its intended purpose which is to collect a MSU the Whiz Midstream kit has three key features:
First, the Midstream device is ‘sterile’ rather than merely “aseptic manufactured” which is basically unsterile
Second, the Midstream device has a patented diverter inside it which automatically collects and captures a MSU sample, where other devices rely on the dexterity of the user and, it would seem, a certain amount of chance in seeking to ensure that what is sampled is mid-stream urine.
Third, the design of the device with what is called the “lily shield patented design” and its material renders it (unlike the use of other devices) significantly less likely that there will be spillage and therefore decreases (unlike other devices which increase) the risk of the spread of any infections carried by the user as a result to third parties. In turn this decreases the risk of infection to the user.

For women we recommend Midstream is simply held against the body with the broad area of the opening uppermost and then you begin to wee. Nature and gravity do the rest with the diverter simply allowing the first stream to flow away and the mid stream to be collected. No need to stop and start, to position, to get hands or container wet, no need to judge when it is a mid stream. The Midstream does it all automatically.  For men it is important not to place the penis over the opening as this can cause air blockage. For men place the penis above the shield and aim for the target hole.

As an IVD Medical Device does it meet all regulatory approvals?2017-02-04T16:23:35+00:00

There are two elements of regulatory approvals. The first is that the device can be lawfully sold and meets these regulatory requirements. The second is if it is fit for purpose and meets the regulations regarding its claims for use.

As an IVD Device (Directive 98/79/EC), the Midstream has stringent regulatory requirements to meet in order to obtain its CE mark or FDA approval. The Midstream is registered with the Competent Authority of the Republic of Ireland since 2004 as an IVD device and is CE marked and FDA approved and it is sold throughout the world subject to the local registration laws of selling a medical product and any local language requirements for the instructions for use.

In regard to fit for purpose it is entirely fit for purpose to collect a midstream urine sample and does so based on published wide scale clinical trials better than any other known device for collection midstream urine samples. The results of the wide scale clinical trials above mentioned have indicated this; there is also the Centre for Evidence Based purchasing results (all downloadable) showing its significant cost benefits and cost saving per test.

Our Technical Specification Sheet gives a full specification of the device and the purchaser can make an objective decision. Please contact us to obtain a copy of the Technical Specification sheet for the Midstream.

Is the Midstream comfortable to use?2017-02-04T16:22:57+00:00

Mentally and physically it caters for all patient comfort. As a sterile CE marked product, it meets the highest specifications to give a quality sample. The material is recyclable.

If you are a women do you have to undress to use the Midstream?2017-02-04T16:21:55+00:00

No, it is not necessary for women to undress to use the Midstream. If you are wearing trousers then you can undo your zip or buttons, push your underwear to one-side and use the Whiz quite discreetly. (All trousers have different zip lengths so they need to have enough length for you to use the Whiz. Check that yours is sufficient. If you use buttons you may only need to unbutton the top two or three and lower your trousers a few centimetres). Skirts and dresses are even easier. You can also use the Midstream in a sitting, or hovering or standing position.

Where does the urine go when I use the Midstream ?2017-02-04T16:20:32+00:00

The first stream will go into a toilet wherever you point the Midstream. The mid stream will be automatically collected in the provided sterile sample container, the remaining or last stream will go into a toilet wherever you point the Midstream.

When using the Midstream at home what sample of urine do I use?2017-02-04T16:19:46+00:00

First do not attach the collection bottle if you have placed the home test strip in flowing urine then depending on the test requirements; if it is first stream: place the strip in the flow coming out of the front of the device e.g. for Chlamydia, if its midstream place the strip in the flow coming out of the diverter, and if its last stream wait until you are about to stop voiding and then place it in the flow coming out at the front of the device.

If there is no requirement to place the strip in flowing urine you can attach the collection bottle and then if the test requires a midstream sample simply dip the test strip into the sample container which will contain the midstream.

Is the Whiz Midstream re-usable?2017-02-04T16:19:00+00:00

No it’s for single use only and if the sterilisation packaging seal is broken do not use it.

Is the Midstream hygienic?2017-02-04T16:18:13+00:00

Completely. It is Sterilised and comes in sterilisation packing that ensures the sterility is maintained to a level of the legal requirement for sterile products of 10(-6) and which has the instructions printed on the verso. The legal requirements on the level of sterility are set out in the EU Harmonised standards 556-1 and 556-2. In a nutshell any claim for a sterility assurance level (SAL) must follow these procedures. Aseptically manufactured or clean room manufactured is not a claim for sterility assurance level and is considered unsterile. All claims for a SAL must be in protective packaging in order to maintain the SAL level claimed. This is why the Midstream is individually packed and then sterilisation occurs of the entire kit after the product has been packed.

How will the Midstream be posted?2017-02-04T16:08:49+00:00

If your hospital or GP is using the Midstream they will simply hand you a pack which contains the sterile Midstream and sample bottle. If you are purchasing it over the web the Whiz Midstream is posted in a plain envelope or in a box of 100 which contains the name and address of Jbol Ltd and the product on the outside. Where the person ordering is clearly identified as male, the male instructions for use are included as well.

When and where can the Whiz Freedom be used?2017-02-04T16:13:10+00:00

The Whiz can be used anywhere you feel comfortable using it – and new places come to light all the time! Here are a list from customers of just some of the locations and some of the situations in which the Whiz has proved to be essential:

On walks and climbs.

During long car journeys.

When public conveniences are unsanitary or just unpleasant.

During music festivals and other large, public events.

In crowded theatres and sports arenas.

On holidays, journeys and adventurous travels.

When there are no toilet facilities available.

On specialist trips like bike tours.


When you don’t want to let your disability keep you from leading a normal, active life.

When you are pregnant or compelled to urinate more often than usual.

When you are unable to squat or hover.

Where facilities are cramped or overused – On aeroplanes, boats, yachts and trains.

All outdoor activites like angling, sailing, gliding etc …

As your own alternative to a bedpan when in hospital.

Can the Freedom be used at Outdoor/Open air Festivals?2017-02-04T16:13:20+00:00

Yes. In fact a number of Festival Committees have refused to allow disposable urine Directors to be sold as they have concerns about the health and safety aspect of these urine soaked disposables lying around (especially when it rains!).

The Freedom has been granted ‘official’ status to trade at festivals and, in some cases due to the intervention of Health and Safety who do not want to deal with urine soaked disposable cardboard devices, it is the only device allowed to trade due to its high hygienic characteristics including that of being re-useable, hydrophobic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

Is it easy to use?2017-02-04T16:13:30+00:00

The Whiz Freedom is very easy to use. Children, students, mothers and 80 year old grandmothers have tested the Freedom and they were all complimentary. It is simply held against the body with the broad area of the opening uppermost and then you begin to wee. Nature and gravity do the rest.
We have not had one single user who cannot use it.

Its unique ‘lily shield’ shape was tested by over 1400 women in clinical trials in 2003/4 and since then, by tens of thousands of women of all ages, from all walks of life. It is CE marked, FDA approved and available on NHS Prescription. It is also recommended by the Continence Foundation.

How does it work?2017-02-04T16:13:41+00:00

The soft shield of the Whiz Freedom snugly hugs the outer body , and it works using urodynamics as its basic principles, then nature and gravity do the rest.
Some urine directors are invasive, and positioned within the labia lips. The Whiz Freedom is non-invasive and must be externally positioned This ‘lily’ shape of the shield (the part in contact with the body) has been designed and developed by our Research and Development team. We have consulted with doctors, clinicians, researchers and over 1400 women in a clinical trial in 2003/4, (and now over 10,000 uses with no problems) as well as with a number of men.
Regardless of the strength of flow, the Freedom has not over-filled or splash-backed.
Used properly it remains leak free, watertight and the outside stays dry.
If you are nervous of using your Whiz Freedom, as we all may be with something perhaps new, then practice in your shower or bath (urine is sterile so you won’t do any harm to your bath) and then you will be able to use it away from home.

Is the Whiz Freedom comfortable to use?2017-02-04T16:13:54+00:00

The medical grade, latex-free Thermo-Plastic Elastomer (TPE) used for the Whiz is soft but strong so that it is comfortable to use and not cold against your skin. Tens of thousands of women have now used it without a single problem. The grade is of a high medical quality and a high memory – so if folded for reasonable periods it will spring back into shape
We have also thought about ‘mental’ comfort and so our manufacturers have mixed an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent into the plastic, like that used in modern plastic chopping boards, to give you peace of mind.
The Whiz also has a hydrophobic additive which repels all liquid, so no urine sticks to the device and with one quick flick, the surface is dry. In effect it is self-cleaning.
This hydrophobic quality combined with our anti-bacterial material makes the Whiz, we believe,the safest and most hygienic and MOST COMFORTABLE mentally and physically urine director in the market.
A device as someone wrote “that has all the creature comforts you could wish for.!”

Do you have to undress to use The Whiz Freedom?2017-02-04T16:14:05+00:00

No, it is not necessary to undress to use the Freedom
If you are wearing trousers then you can undo your zip or buttons, push your underwear to one-side and use the Whiz quite discreetly. All trousers have different zip lengths so they need to have enough length for you to use the Whiz so that it can point downwards and be held snugly against the outer body. Check that your zip is sufficient. If you use buttons you may only need to unbutton the top two or three and lower your trousers a few centimetres.
Skirts and dresses are even easier.

  • Outdoor enthusiasts like skiers, ramblers, bird watchers, canoists, mountaineers, military personnel, golfers;
  • Those who need to wee where there is no available protection;
  • Those in a town or city environment;
  • Those in environmentally hostile surroundings;
  • Those surrounded by men;
  • Sales persons or professionals and those faced with long travel journeys where traffic jams occur;
  • Policewoman, Female Military Staff.

The first public use of the Whiz Freedom without undressing came about at a Shakespeare Production where it proved to be an invaluable asset. The Globe Theatre, London produced an all female production of Richard III in 2003. The costumes as period pieces were designed for men, with complex fastenings, cod pieces and multi-layering, so a quick visit to the toilet for the female actors was out of the question. The Whiz came to the rescue, providing them with easy, hassle-free relief! The Globe was so pleased with the Whiz that they ordered more for their 2004 season of Much Ado about Nothing.

The Whiz was also a great hit at the first Festival they sold at – the Isle of Wight 2004 Music Festival,. Women users beat the queue and some in desparation joined their male friends standing at the fence. A “Must have” Festival essential according to NME. Today the Festival still permits the use of the Whiz Freedom, having banned all disposable Urine Directors on the grounds of Health and Safety.

Where does the urine go when I use The Whiz Freedom?2017-02-04T16:14:14+00:00

Using the Whiz for a woman, gives you the same freedoms and control as any man (other than you have the choice to use it or not!)
When you are using it, you wee into a toilet or direct your urine wherever you want it to go: a bottle, the garden, ground, tree, snow!
If you are in restricted surroundings, such as car or glider or need more privacy, then there are special medical grade connector tubes of 10 cm or longer you can buy which will allow you to wee into a bottle or urine bag.
Moreover this medical grade connector tube fits all known standard medical catheter or condom catheter urine collection bags. Check our user tips for when using a connector tube. You can then dispose of the urine at your discretion.

Is the Whiz re-usable?2017-02-04T16:14:20+00:00

The Freedom has been designed to be eco-friendly and is therefore re-usable.

There is no need to find a rubbish bin once used, nor pollute the environment by throwing them away or be forced to carry a number in your bag if you are going on a long journey.

Just use your Freedom, quickly shake it (and its dry) and then pop it into the plastic bag in which it comes or into one of the specially designed Whiz accessory bags. It is ready for re-use immediately.

Why not two types of Whiz Freedom Urine Directors – disposable and re-usable2017-02-04T16:14:29+00:00

We at Whiz decided very early on that it was essential to have a re-usable device. Ecological policies, policies of responsibility to nature and ones fellow humans, practical considerations of blocking WC’s, of having the ability to go frequently, of not running out of disposable ones, of space, ie not having a large pack of disposable ones but quick and easy access to the director and many other considerations all led us in this direction. No one really wants to soil the planet with discarded disposable single use urine soaked cardboard items. The challenge therefore was to make it as soft as possible, hygienic and re-useable to meet all the possible concerns of the user. We think we have met these needs as the Freedom can be folded, is completely safe for single user as its antibacterial and anti microbial and hydrophobic. It is of assistance to the user, and solves a problem but does not pass on this problem or create a new problem for someone else.

Is the Whiz Freedom just a recreational device?2017-02-04T16:14:38+00:00

The Whiz Freedom is as valuable medically as it is recreationally.

It is useful to anybody who has difficulty squatting, hovering, getting to the toilet quickly or those who need to pass urine frequently.

Those who have had surgery, those who are partially mobile, the elderly or incontinent, all find the Whiz Freedom makes their lives a great deal easier and better.

And it is not just for women, a number of men will also find the Freedom will improve their quality of life once they have had, for example, penile surgery following serious illness such as cancer.

It was thoroughly tested by over 1400 women in clinical trials in 2003/04 and has now been used by tens of thousands more women in all walks of life.

It has a CE standard mark and FDA approved

It is available on NHS prescription.

Is the Whiz Freedom hygienic?2017-02-04T16:14:48+00:00

The Freedom is both hygienic to use and hygienic to keep in your bag or jacket pocket.
The Whiz was initially developed as part of a medical urine collection device, the Whiz Midstream, so the hygiene aspects of this product have been carefully considered.
Urine is sterile when it leaves the body so it is easily shaken washed or wiped and poses no health risk in itself. Which is why we recommend that the Whiz Freedom is not shared.
Moreover we used a latex-free medical grade plastic to manufacture it and finally the device is also anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial and is perfectly safe.
In use as it is leakfree there is no urine on the outside, and after use, all you have to do is give it a quick shake and any of the moisture on the interior will come off.
If it is possible to run it under a tap or if outdoors, in any available water, then all-the-better.
The Whiz will come in a re-usable plastic bag, so you can put it anywhere but if you want something more durable, then there is a Whiz Explorer or the Whiz Organza bag, which you can buy for safe and hygienic transport of your Whiz.

The Freedom may also simply be popped into a washing machine, as the plastic chosen for the device can withstand temperatures of up to 40 degrees.
Just remember, research has proved that public toilets – whether sitting or hovering – are breeders of germs, and aerosol contamination, so your Whiz Freedom is a far cleaner option! Especially for women who have to hover, sit or squat.

How big is the Whiz Freedom?2017-02-04T16:14:55+00:00

The Whiz is small and can be popped in a pocket or handbag. It is a little over 15cms long (just under 6ins) and at its widest is 9.5cms (3.75ins).

It can be folded to half the size or rolled as a temporary solution since the medical grade plastic used is flexible.

When delivered it comes in a plastic, re-sealable bag but more attractive Whiz bags are available from the our shop.

Can the Whiz Freedom be folded?2017-02-04T16:15:05+00:00

Yes, the Whiz can be folded, but it cannot be kept in that condition for long periods.
So if you need to roll the lilyshield to a pen like shape, squeeze it into a bag or pocket during a short trip, then it will bounce back to its original shape quite happily.
However, if you want to fold it for longer than a few days, depending on the conditions, don’t be surprised if, when you release it, your Whiz cannot spring back to its perfect shape.

How will the Whiz Freedom be posted?2017-02-04T16:17:09+00:00

The Whiz Freedom is posted with Instructions for use and an information card in a self-sealing bag in a plain envelope.

What can it do for me ?2017-02-04T16:17:22+00:00

The Whiz can give you freedom and restore dignity – it can make your life less stressful and reduce the control your bladder has over your life.
NO MORE misdirected urine, damp clothes and spattered shoes.
NO MORE dealing with dirty, over-flowing public toilets (and all the health risks associated with aerosol contamination).
NO MORE lengthy queuing.
NO MORE having to hold on until you find a service station.
NO MORE skiing only in areas close to a restaurant.
NO MORE squatting in nettles or trying to negotiate brambles.
NO MORE embarrassment when you didn’t quite reach the toilet.
NO MORE removing clothing outdoors in all weathers.
NO MORE returning late to the second half of a play, concert or musical.
NO MORE suffering under the demands of your bladder.
Just Whiz away – anyplace, anywhere, anytime!
Furthermore with our optional extension tube, (or even without, if you practice) for those tricky cramped public spots (traffic jams, micro-light pilots, to name a few), you can direct your urine into a bottle, collecting device or even a standard catheter bag, so you can literally ‘go’ anywhere, at anytime.

How does the Whiz Freedom differ from earlier models?2017-02-04T16:17:28+00:00

The Whiz was our first device and this was anti-bacterial and machine washable. But our customers wanted something that did not require instant washing as they were often not in a position to do this. So we developed the Whiz Plus which had a special plasma coating that repelled all liquid and did not need washing – but as a plasma coating it meant the Whiz plus could not be machine washed (women felt that when they returned home they wanted to wash or machine wash it). So we developed the Whiz Freedom replacing the plasma coating with a unique agent that is anti-bacterial, hydrophobic and machine washable (to 40 degrees).

Is the Whiz Freedom the same for Mobility Impaired and Leisure users?2017-02-04T15:31:15+00:00

Yes. The same product can be used by both categories of users. We discussed with our customers the possibility of different names and different colours to distinquish these two markets but every woman we consulted with felt that not only did the name freedom apply to both, but they wished to be treated as women and not singled out for their physical attributes (at either end – extreme sports or mobility impaired). Equality and women were their key considerations.

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