The Midstream is designed to be used by men and women of all ages. Due to the difference in anatomy there are different set of instructions for use men or women. Each person can decide which set suits them best. Mobility impaired women or men who have had penile amputation or retraction will know what the best method is for them.

With children who are aware when they are going to wee the Midstream is perfectly safe. Parents have safely used the Midstream with babies and holding the device in place all the time or ready the moment there is a wee. It is essential that the parent is satisfied prior to use that the baby is comfortable with the fit. We are looking into making a baby version that can be held in a nappy. If you are interested to participate in a trial of this or contribute your comments do let us know.

Both sets of instructions for use are downloadable; go to media and downloads; there are also other interesting and relevant items that can be downloadable giving you more information on the product.