The Midstream is very easy to use. We have tested the device on children, students, pregnant mothers to be, and men and women including 80 year olds and they were all complimentary. It has been trialled in 2003-4 in 4 NHS hospitals and used by tens of thousands since. The results were published in the British Journal of Urology August 2005, (Jackson et al, 2005) and showed significant clinical benefits. Further large scale clinical trials again in four different NHS hospitals and GP practices showed even better results due to familiarity with the new process. The Midstream is not a funnel but a hygienic shield and a diverter and these were published as Dryden et al 2007 (both available from downloads under media).

Aside from its intended purpose which is to collect a MSU the Whiz Midstream kit has three key features:
First, the Midstream device is ‘sterile’ rather than merely “aseptic manufactured” which is basically unsterile
Second, the Midstream device has a patented diverter inside it which automatically collects and captures a MSU sample, where other devices rely on the dexterity of the user and, it would seem, a certain amount of chance in seeking to ensure that what is sampled is mid-stream urine.
Third, the design of the device with what is called the “lily shield patented design” and its material renders it (unlike the use of other devices) significantly less likely that there will be spillage and therefore decreases (unlike other devices which increase) the risk of the spread of any infections carried by the user as a result to third parties. In turn this decreases the risk of infection to the user.

For women we recommend Midstream is simply held against the body with the broad area of the opening uppermost and then you begin to wee. Nature and gravity do the rest with the diverter simply allowing the first stream to flow away and the mid stream to be collected. No need to stop and start, to position, to get hands or container wet, no need to judge when it is a mid stream. The Midstream does it all automatically.  For men it is important not to place the penis over the opening as this can cause air blockage. For men place the penis above the shield and aim for the target hole.