The Whiz can give you freedom and restore dignity – it can make your life less stressful and reduce the control your bladder has over your life.
NO MORE misdirected urine, damp clothes and spattered shoes.
NO MORE dealing with dirty, over-flowing public toilets (and all the health risks associated with aerosol contamination).
NO MORE lengthy queuing.
NO MORE having to hold on until you find a service station.
NO MORE skiing only in areas close to a restaurant.
NO MORE squatting in nettles or trying to negotiate brambles.
NO MORE embarrassment when you didn’t quite reach the toilet.
NO MORE removing clothing outdoors in all weathers.
NO MORE returning late to the second half of a play, concert or musical.
NO MORE suffering under the demands of your bladder.
Just Whiz away – anyplace, anywhere, anytime!
Furthermore with our optional extension tube, (or even without, if you practice) for those tricky cramped public spots (traffic jams, micro-light pilots, to name a few), you can direct your urine into a bottle, collecting device or even a standard catheter bag, so you can literally ‘go’ anywhere, at anytime.