The Whiz can be used anywhere you feel comfortable using it – and new places come to light all the time! Here are a list from customers of just some of the locations and some of the situations in which the Whiz has proved to be essential:

On walks and climbs.

During long car journeys.

When public conveniences are unsanitary or just unpleasant.

During music festivals and other large, public events.

In crowded theatres and sports arenas.

On holidays, journeys and adventurous travels.

When there are no toilet facilities available.

On specialist trips like bike tours.


When you don’t want to let your disability keep you from leading a normal, active life.

When you are pregnant or compelled to urinate more often than usual.

When you are unable to squat or hover.

Where facilities are cramped or overused – On aeroplanes, boats, yachts and trains.

All outdoor activites like angling, sailing, gliding etc …

As your own alternative to a bedpan when in hospital.