We at Whiz decided very early on that it was essential to have a re-usable device. Ecological policies, policies of responsibility to nature and ones fellow humans, practical considerations of blocking WC’s, of having the ability to go frequently, of not running out of disposable ones, of space, ie not having a large pack of disposable ones but quick and easy access to the director and many other considerations all led us in this direction. No one really wants to soil the planet with discarded disposable single use urine soaked cardboard items. The challenge therefore was to make it as soft as possible, hygienic and re-useable to meet all the possible concerns of the user. We think we have met these needs as the Freedom can be folded, is completely safe for single user as its antibacterial and anti microbial and hydrophobic. It is of assistance to the user, and solves a problem but does not pass on this problem or create a new problem for someone else.