“Use of the device represents best medical practice and the significant benefits resulting there from, cannot be ignored.”

Senior Consultant Microbiology

“The Whiz Midstream is highly attractive to clinician and patient alike; it significantly lowered contamination rates and hence the need to repeat urinalysis. My patients were pleased to use this simple and hygienic device.”

Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

“My patients benefited from using the Whiz, it was easier to use than our current methods and for the staff it was an effective way of saving time.”

Outpatients Manager, Woman's Centre

“As a physiotherapy physican I have found that many women cannot use their pelvic floor muscles and would therefore be unable to do an efficient mid-stream sample of urine, this new device will be greeted with great glee by them – no more wet hands, no more wadding through puddles. Have I tried it? I most certainly have and as a person who is known to have frustrations with a a great many devices I found it a cinch – isnt it great to have good news to share?”

ACA Continence Advisor