No, it is not necessary to undress to use the Freedom
If you are wearing trousers then you can undo your zip or buttons, push your underwear to one-side and use the Whiz quite discreetly. All trousers have different zip lengths so they need to have enough length for you to use the Whiz so that it can point downwards and be held snugly against the outer body. Check that your zip is sufficient. If you use buttons you may only need to unbutton the top two or three and lower your trousers a few centimetres.
Skirts and dresses are even easier.

  • Outdoor enthusiasts like skiers, ramblers, bird watchers, canoists, mountaineers, military personnel, golfers;
  • Those who need to wee where there is no available protection;
  • Those in a town or city environment;
  • Those in environmentally hostile surroundings;
  • Those surrounded by men;
  • Sales persons or professionals and those faced with long travel journeys where traffic jams occur;
  • Policewoman, Female Military Staff.

The first public use of the Whiz Freedom without undressing came about at a Shakespeare Production where it proved to be an invaluable asset. The Globe Theatre, London produced an all female production of Richard III in 2003. The costumes as period pieces were designed for men, with complex fastenings, cod pieces and multi-layering, so a quick visit to the toilet for the female actors was out of the question. The Whiz came to the rescue, providing them with easy, hassle-free relief! The Globe was so pleased with the Whiz that they ordered more for their 2004 season of Much Ado about Nothing.

The Whiz was also a great hit at the first Festival they sold at – the Isle of Wight 2004 Music Festival,. Women users beat the queue and some in desparation joined their male friends standing at the fence. A “Must have” Festival essential according to NME. Today the Festival still permits the use of the Whiz Freedom, having banned all disposable Urine Directors on the grounds of Health and Safety.