The medical grade, latex-free Thermo-Plastic Elastomer (TPE) used for the Whiz is soft but strong so that it is comfortable to use and not cold against your skin. Tens of thousands of women have now used it without a single problem. The grade is of a high medical quality and a high memory – so if folded for reasonable periods it will spring back into shape
We have also thought about ‘mental’ comfort and so our manufacturers have mixed an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent into the plastic, like that used in modern plastic chopping boards, to give you peace of mind.
The Whiz also has a hydrophobic additive which repels all liquid, so no urine sticks to the device and with one quick flick, the surface is dry. In effect it is self-cleaning.
This hydrophobic quality combined with our anti-bacterial material makes the Whiz, we believe,the safest and most hygienic and MOST COMFORTABLE mentally and physically urine director in the market.
A device as someone wrote “that has all the creature comforts you could wish for.!”