The soft shield of the Whiz Freedom snugly hugs the outer body , and it works using urodynamics as its basic principles, then nature and gravity do the rest.
Some urine directors are invasive, and positioned within the labia lips. The Whiz Freedom is non-invasive and must be externally positioned This ‘lily’ shape of the shield (the part in contact with the body) has been designed and developed by our Research and Development team. We have consulted with doctors, clinicians, researchers and over 1400 women in a clinical trial in 2003/4, (and now over 10,000 uses with no problems) as well as with a number of men.
Regardless of the strength of flow, the Freedom has not over-filled or splash-backed.
Used properly it remains leak free, watertight and the outside stays dry.
If you are nervous of using your Whiz Freedom, as we all may be with something perhaps new, then practice in your shower or bath (urine is sterile so you won’t do any harm to your bath) and then you will be able to use it away from home.